We Solve the eCommerce Carton Puzzle


Are you Shipping Air?

On average eCommerce shippers are only using 60% of the space in a box for their product.  That means, on average, 40% of the box contains air or filler and many boxes are much worse.

Packaging efficiency has a direct correlation to your transportation cost.  By selecting the wrong box and sub-optimizing your repack boxes you are overpaying for transportation, filler, and corrugate thereby increasing your overall supply chain costs.


Why the Problem?

You are not alone.  Commercial packaging software doesn't account for the complexities of eCommerce shipping.   Therefore, companies are making a best guess decision with software that is not designed to select the correct size or number of boxes.  In addition, most companies are relying on people to select the right size box which often times is larger than required.

Secondly. many businesses do not understand that transportation carriers will invoice you by dimensional weight based on your shipping characteristics  The density of your shipping carton is the key factor.   

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Bottom Line Results & Green Savings Too!

We can save you 15% of your total Supply Chain Costs with our packaging optimization software.   These savings can be reinvested into your business or taken straight to the bottom line. 

Another result is significant improvement in your sustainability, with dramatic reductions in packaging, filler, trucks on the road, ocean containers, and unused space in transport vehicles etc.   


Designed for eCommerce

Our proprietary software is able to evaluate millions of sku and box size combinations to deliver the lowest total cost for your business. Packaging material, packaging labor and freight to destination are factored to provide the optimal number and size of boxes for your eCommerce business. 


Technology Supported Results

To support the optimization and achieve the full savings opportunity we will install free-standing computer aided box selection software which can interface with any order management system and make smaller operations as efficient as the mega-shippers.


Inbound Packaging Opportunity

Don't leave the box decision to your suppliers.  By working with your vendors to optimize carton sizes and positions on pallets ECO can increase payload and reduce the number of inbound containers and trucks needed to support your supply chain.

For example, our client’s Asian supplier was stuffing 1472 cases into a 40’ container. By revising the layout of retail units in the master case we were able to increase the case count by 17% to 1722 cases. Essentially an extra 250 cases will now cross the Pacific for free every time our client purchases a container load.


Purchasing Consortium for Packaging

We have a network of box manufacturers that are able to pass along their lower operating costs as savings to our clients.  This offers our clients a lower price point than national distributors offer.



Our success in packaging optimization lies in understanding the relationship of packaging to transportation and warehousing operations.   Thus by designing the shipping case to fit product into boxes, boxes onto pallets and pallets into trucks or containers we are able to impact the key rate factors and reduce logistics expenses for our clients.  We have completed projects for more than 500 clients over the past 25 years, in many instances we reduced client costs by millions of dollars in the following areas:  Transportation, Warehousing, Packaging, Labor, and Material.     

We solve the eCommerce carton puzzle

We simplify the eCommerce carton puzzle

Our most complex analysis evaluated 400 different boxes against 2 million unique shipments the client made each year. This entailed 800 million separate analyses to complete the project. It is impossible to do work like this without software because manual effort would take years to complete. 

The project resulted in a 15% savings for the client.

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