Technology Solutions for eCommerce

Packaging Optimization Software

We use mathematical modeling technology to pinpoint the specific sizes of boxes that will deliver the lowest total cost considering packaging material, packaging labor and freight to destination.

We are able to evaluate millions of possibilities to pinpoint the lowest cost combination of boxes. Our high water mark is the account for which we evaluated 400 different boxes against 2 million unique shipments the client made each year. This entailed 800 million separate analyses to complete the project. It is impossible to do work like this without software because manual effort would take years to complete.


Carton Selection Software

To support the optimization and achieve the full savings opportunity we will install free-standing computer aided box selection software which can interface with any order management system and make smaller operations as efficient as the mega-shippers. 

ECO has access to software which can be paired with virtually any order management system to select the optimal shipping container and provide case packing diagrams. Our packaging engineers have tested and used this software and we are impressed with its effectiveness. The software is available either as purchase or lease. 


Item Dimensioner

Dimensioners are used to measure weight and cube of all items being shipped. While there are numerous suppliers of dimensioners, SCO has worked out a referral agreement with the industry leader – best technology and largest number of installations worldwide. We are familiar with this dimensioner and endorse it for its accuracy and reliability. The equipment is available either as purchase or lease. 


Logistics Network Modeling

Companies today face the challenge of achieving an efficient supply chain that is flexible enough to respond to constantly changing market needs. The implications of supply chain decisions can mean the difference between spending or saving millions of dollars. 

ECO uses SAILS software to help companies design optimal supply chain networks.  SAILS enables companies to gain a competitive advantage by freeing up cash flow, decreasing cycle times, and lowering overall logistics costs, strategically designing the network that has the most impact on your bottom line.  By minimizing costs, maximizing profits and increasing service levels, SAILS delivers value along the entire supply chain. 


Inventory Solutions for Hard-to-Forecast Items

Extensive inventories of a wide variety of products are now ‘table stakes’ for eCommerce. Successful customer acquisition and retention depends on product availability. The cost of offering high levels of service can be excess amounts of slow-moving inventory items that tie up capital and space. The alternatives are stock outs or lost customers. We offer proven solutions for finding the right balance between overstock and out-of-stock that minimize inventory costs and meet desired levels of service.